MAIN TOPIC: Drug Trafficking in Europe


Czech Republic underground drug routes



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Meet the chairs that lead the committee!

Hi, my name is Alisiya Uletskaya, twenty-year-old with she/her pronouns. In 2016 I participated in my first MUN as an admin. Since then I have continued my MUN experience at various conventions as a delegate and chair. Besides, I have been a staff-member at HagaMUN. These conferences truly were the cherries on top of my high school career, and now, after a short break, I am very excited to chair UNODC. The topic of “Drug trafficking in Europe'' combines different academic themes from my studies in Social Geography at the University of Amsterdam, such as globalization and its impact on the informal economic sector.

Together with my co-chair Mirella Schieman, a dear friend and a true partner in MUN for years now, I’m excited to lead a successful debate and contribute to a colorful AUCMUN 2023

I’m Mirella Schieman (they/them) a student in Leiden living in The Hague. Since 2017 I’ve been active at various MUN’s. Mainly in The Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Starting out as an admin at HagaMUN, then a few years later being able to help organize HagaMUN. A goal of mine was to chair Thimun, which I got to do in 2020. Through travel, the past few years, I’ve gotten to experience and learn from many different cultural settings. I’m looking forward to our debates and resolution making. My co-chair Alisiya Uletskaya and I have been doing MUN’s together all these years and I’m grateful to be chairing this year's AUC mun with her. Let’s make AUC mun 2023 meaningful and memorable!