United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

MAIN TOPIC: Investigating developments and risks of Cyber Warfare


- Ukraine/Russia war as a crisis

- Invite Russia back into the Security Council? 



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Meet the chairs that lead the committee!


Hi, I'm Maurice de Jong, International Relations student at Leiden University. I've been in love with MUN (and cybersecurity) for almost a decade now, so it is my honour to preside over the Security Council during this year's AUCMUN

Hello everyone! I’m Kaan, and I’ll be one of your chairs for the Security Council. I’m currently studying Econometrics at the University of Amsterdam. I’m looking forward to discussing the risks and development of Cyber Warfare with you, as well as the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine. I hope that the delegates will be well prepared and open for conversation, as we strive to understand modern methods in warfare, and facilitate discussions between the countries involved in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Also joined by:

Hey everyone! My name is Diego, I am a third-year student at Leiden University College in The Hague, majoring in Governance, Economics and Development. I am half Spanish and half Mexican, but I spent my high school years in Munich. In Germany, I had the chance to be introduced to the MUN world, where I instantly fell in love with public speaking and current affairs. One thing led to the other… and 5 years later, I am still actively participating in MUN conferences. Most recently, I was one of ECOSOC’s chairs at AUCMUN 2022.