United Nations Security Council (UNSC)

1. The question of improving access to food and vital resources needed in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis 

– The civil war in Yemen that started in 2014 and is still ongoing until this day has often been called the world’s worst humanitarian crisis 

– UN estimates not only that 24 million people are in help of urgent assistance but that indirect causes like food insecurity and lack of access health services have resulted in 131,000 deaths in Yemen since 2015 . As the conflict continues to have a great toll on  Yemeni civilians and five million people remain are at risk of famine. 

– The situation implies a substantial violation of the UN’s declaration of human rights and international humanitarian law and therefore concerns the UN Security Council 

– Two main reasons for the lack of resources are the difficulty of distributing them in zones of conflict where a great part of infrastructure has been destroyed in fighting, as well as the Saudi-Arabian-led blockade that has been in place since 2015 

– The Saudi-Arabian imposed air and sea blockade restricts the entry of vital resources that are highly necessary and should be untightened or ended in order to allow the ongoing hunger crisis to improve 

– Several international bodies, such as the UN, are already funding and aiding the distribution of resources. This year alone it has announced the need of $3.9 billion, but funding is decreasing and the UN World Food Programme has had to announce the cut in assistance budget for 8 million people.

Questions a resolution should answer:  

– In what way should the UNSC interfere with the current situation in Yemen? – Can the UNSC do something to end or loosen the blockade to improve the entry of resources? 

– What resources specifically are most vitally needed from the Yemeni population? – How can the UNSC improve awareness about the current situation in Yemen? 


Marleen Onnekes

Hi!! I’m Marleen, a third year student from Leiden University College majoring in international justice. I’m very passionate about my studies in international law and law in general, focussing on indigenous rights at the moment. Beyond that I’m currently the chair of LUC’s own MUN committee and I work with the Dutch national sports federation to help athletes reach their full potential. I’ve been engaged in MUN for the past 4-5 years and I’ve realized throughout my experiences that I truly enjoy playing a supportive role as chair and trying to bring out the best in every delegate in my committee. 

I’ll be chairing the security council this year together with Elvira. I’m sure I speak for both of us that we’re looking forward to meeting new talented and inspiring delegates and seeing what creative solutions this year’s UNSC can come up with for pressing international debacles. See you at AUCMUN!

Elvira wild martin

Heey! I’m Elvira, a Spanish-German girl living in Milan, Italy. I’m currently in my first year of Data Science at Bocconi University but apart from loving mathematics and economics I have always had a passion for debating, especially when it comes to controversial topics. Starting in 2017, I have attended several conferences around Europe as a delegate and I am really excited for AUCMUN 2022 where I will have the honour of chairing the security council together with Marleen.