Sustainable Development Commission (SDC)

Sustainable Development Commission (SDC)


Topic 1

The Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) focuses on making the growing urban areas safer, more sustainable, and more inclusive. Note that the United Nations defines sustainable cities with the 10 targets included in the goal. The SDG 11 was implemented to face the numerous challenges of rapid urbanization, especially in developing countries where more and more people decide to move to urban areas despite the lack of appropriate accommodations. Urban growth has resulted in the creation of slums where the living conditions do not meet the UN requirements. Pollution, access to water, access to transportation and waste management are all examples of the pressing issues that need to be solved in order to finally reach the SDG11. Delegates should also take into account the fundamental social, economic, and cultural dimensions of sustainable cities.

Topic 2

According to the Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), each year, the world has managed to waste one-third of its food. From suppliers filtering and removing food that are not economically profitable to be shipped, retailers throwing out the overstock, to restaurants and consumers wasting edible food and discarding leftovers. The food waste generated by those stakeholders would also mean the depletion of all the natural resources such as land area and water used for growing the food. Based on the recent data by the FAO, roughly 10% of the world’s population go hungry, unable to feed themselves. With this rate, with the global population continuing to grow while having fewer resources, the world cannot afford to throw out any more natural resources let alone food. Delegates should consider developing a better system to ensure minimal waste is generated throughout the food production management. Other than that, delegates should also investigate consumers’ behaviour and try to change it by raising their awareness of the problem.

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