Beginner level

Topic A: Global campaign/framework to Combat Climate Change

Topic B: The Global Waste Trade and its Impacts on Developing Countries

Topic A: Colonization and Militarization of Outer Space

Topic B: The Construction of Artificial Islands and Military Bases in International Waters

Topic A: Preventing HIV and sexual/gender-based violence in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions.

Topic B: The Availability, Access and Quality of HIV/AIDS Treatments in Prisons

Intermediate level

Topic A: Climate Change and Displaced Peoples

Topic B: Countering Toxic Narratives About Refugees and Migrants

Topic:  India v Pakistan: The Jadhav Case

Advanced level

Topic A: World Water Crisis

Topic B: The Employment of Lethal Autonomous Weapons in Warfare

Topic: The Congo Crisis, 1960- 1965

Topic: The Unification of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea