From left to right: Lola, Natal and Sofia 

Meet our finance team! 

The finance team is in charge of… the finances 💵💴💶💷! On the look for sponsors and partners, the team works together under Natal’s leadership to complete important tasks: Lola and Sofia interest, communicate, network with companies, and deal with the budget! 


From left to right: Emma, Sonya, Sol, and Leonor 

Meet our Logistics team! 

The logistics team is responsible for making sure that everything runs according to the plan. The head of the team coordinates all the logistics tasks related to the conference and the socials. The team also helps with the catering and accommodation needs of the delegates (that is what the Catering and Housing managers are for!). The Social Programme Managers are responsible for all the social activities during the conference, including planning and organizing all of the events as well as ensuring that everyone has a great time. 

From left to right: Ines, Berber, Mert, and Joana

Meet our Secretariat Team! 

The secretariat is in charge of different committees, delegates, and topics of AUC MUN. Different people manage different things, such as assigning the delegates to the country and committee chosen, or choosing the topics that will be discussed during the conferences! 

From left to right: Juliette, Gemma, and Patrycja

Meet our PR team, us :)!

The Public Relations team is in charge of all social platforms and means of communication, promotion, and announcements for AUCMUN. We have a social media manager (Patrycja) who posts on our social media pages and does our Instagram stories, and a website manager (Juliette) who maintains our website and makes sure it’s up to date. Finally, the Head of Public Relations (Gemma) is responsible for all communications for AUCMUN: emails, organizing collaborations with other committees, managing and creating new content for our pages, and helping out the other team members.