Meet the teams


From left to right: Patrick, Emilie, Hanna, Zuzanna, Parag, and Hanna

Secretariat manages the delegates, topics, and committees for AUCMUN. The Delegate Managers - Emilie and Hanna - are responsible for delegate applications and assigning the delegates to their chosen countries and committees. The Topic Managers - Celine and Patrick - are in charge of coming up with committees and topics that will be discussed during the MUN. Parag is our Crisis Director and will be responsible for managing the special Crisis Committee. He will create narratives and new developments for AUCMUN’s very own crisis event.

The head of the Secretariat and the Deputy Secretary General - Zuzanna - will focus on managing the whole team along with coming up with debating schedules and working with the Secretary General - Aurélie - to make sure the conference moves smoothly and efficiently.


From left to right: Calypso, Anouck, Alix, Jana, and Blanca

The Public Relations team is in charge of all social media platforms and communication for AUCMUN. We have two Marketing Managers – Jana and Calypso – they create all the content for AUCMUN Instagram and Facebook feeds. The Social Media Manager - Anouk – posts on our social media pages and does our Instagram stories. Blanca is our Website Manager, she maintains our website and makes sure it is up to date. The Head of Public Relations - Alix – is responsible for all communications for AUCMUN, managing the emails, organising collaborations with other committees, coming up with new content for our pages, and helping out the other team members when needed.


From left to right: Leyna, Mahira, Tori and Veronique

The finance team deals with all things money, honey. Their job entails approaching major companies for sponsorship deals and partnerships! Leyna, Mahira, and Veronique are the sponsor managers of AUCMUN 2020-2021!! They work together, managing finances, networking, acquisitioning, reaching out to sponsors, interacting with professionals, and generally helping gather funds to organize AUCMUN 2021.
Tori is the head of Finances and she budgets for the event, as well as leads the sponsors managers in finding and contacting potential sponsors!

From left to right: Anouck, Christina, Ankita, and Livia

The Logistics Team is responsible for the underlying organisation of the conference and focuses on making sure all runs according to plan. Christina is our Catering and Housing Manager. She will ensure that all delegates coming from outside of Amsterdam will have access to viable accommodation options during the two nights of the conference. She will also be arranging the food and beverages during the conference lunches and coffee breaks. Livia acts as our Social Programme Manager and will be making sure that everybody will enjoy their time outside of the official conference hours. This includes an unforgettable Amsterdam experience, a typically dutch “borrel”, and an elegant gala. Anouck acts as our locations manager, given the current pandemic this year we are organizing a hybrid conference, and she is incharge of finding the ideal external location that can accomodate our guest and needs for the conference. Finally, the head of the Logistics Team, Ankita, focuses on the coordination of these tasks in addition to structuring the schedule of both the conference and socials.