Meet the teams

Secretary TeamFrom left to right: Zuzanna Szatkowska, Renato Stopic, Mahi Shah, Sarah Martinson, Anouk Dumoulin and Emma Goosens

The Secretariat manages the delegates and committees for AUCMUN. The delegate managers Renato and Zuzanna are responsible for delegate applications and assigning the delegates countries and committees. The Topic managers Emma and Sarah are in charge of coming up with committees and topics that will be discussed during the MUN. Anouk, is our materials manager who will be responsible for managing all the physical materials like badges and placards on the day of the conference and also proofreading and uploading study guides. 

The head of the secretariat and the deputy secretary general, Mahi, will focus on managing the whole team along with coming up with a debating schedule and working with the secretary general Rosa, to make sure the conference moves smoothly and efficiently.

PR Team From left to right: Chiara Mancini, Alix Briere, Elena van den Hoogen, Erika Mier y Teran Yamamoto and Alex Jeunet

The Public Relations Team is responsible for spreading the word of AUCMUN, in order to recruit as many delegates, chairs, and MUN-lovers as possible.

Our social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram are managed and kept up to date by our Social Media Manager Alix, who creates the opportunity for delegates to share their experiences with their friends and stay updated on the conference. Our Marketing Managers Erika and Chiara create wonderful visuals from posters to  promotional videos, as well as our yearly aftermovie; this ensures that AUCMUN will be an amazing and colourful experience for everyone. Alex is both our Website- and Communications Manager. He keeps our website up-to-date with all relevant info, and handles external communications such as establishing partnerships with other MUN’s. Elena, the Head of the Public Relations Team is responsible for coordinating the PR team and its tasks, planning and managing all promotional activities surrounding the conference. 


Finance Team From left to right: Aleksandra Zidarova, Jasper Braakman, Britt Bom and Chiara Thunnissen

The Finance Team has the task of ensuring that the conference is organized financially. This task includes finding sponsors for financial and material contributions; keeping track of and maintaining the availability of funds; communicating with other teams regarding expenses and budgeting, and making/ updating a financial overview.

Our team exists out of four members: three Sponsors Managers (Chiara, Aleksandra and Britt) and the Head of the Team (Jasper). Chiara, Aleksandra and Britt have the task of finding and approaching prospective sponsors for financial and material contributions to be used at the conference. As the Head of the Finance Team, Jasper, coordinates all the tasks within the team, and is responsible for planning and managing all financial matters for the entire conference.

Logistics Team From left to right: Ankita Brhamachari, Nicola Wolff and Aurelie Lacrouts

The Logistics Team is responsible for the underlying organisation of the conference and focuses on making sure all runs according to plan. Aurelie is our Catering and Housing Manager. She will ensure that all delegates coming from outside of Amsterdam will have access to viable accommodation options during the two nights of the conference. She will also be arranging the food and beverages during the conference lunches and coffee breaks. Ankita acts as our Venue and Social Events Manager and will be making sure that everybody will enjoy their time outside of the official conference hours. This includes an unforgettable Amsterdam experience, a typically dutch “borrel”, and an elegant gala. The Social Program is of utmost importance for making sure everyone has time to relax, socialize and enjoy themselves during the off hours of the conference. Finally, the head of the Logistics Team, Nicky, focuses on the coordination of these tasks in addition to structuring the schedule of both the conference and socials.