Meet the teams

From left to right: Rosa Heuveling van Beek, Yosra Kok, Aisha Erenstein, Mikela Koressi, Arsalan Ali Aga (missing: Maurits Jurgens)

The job of the Secretariat is to ensure that everything during the three days of the conference runs smoothly and that our delegates and chairs leave intellectually sated. Some of our other roles include: selecting the topics and committees, ensuring that all delegates are assigned to their preferred choices and providing you with all the information about the conference and our social activities on time.


Our Topic Manager, Arsalan, leads the effort in finding riveting and fresh topics for debate. Our Speaker Manager, Mikela, works tirelessly to find relevant and interesting speakers for our committees to enrich debate. Our Materials Manager, Yosra, is in charge of coordinating the delegate booklet and creating the placards, posters and information flyers used throughout the conference. Our Delegate Managers, Maurits and Rosa, are in charge of allocating the delegates to their countries and committees, acting as the main contact point for delegates, and ensuring that all the needs of the delegates are met. Our Chair Manager, Aisha, is responsible for recruiting the chairs, revising their study guides and preparing them for the conference in April; she is also acting in the capacity of Director General, where she is in charge of supervising the work of the members of the Secretariat and helping them execute their responsibilities.

From left to right: Julien Vandermosten, Merel Laauwen, Annemijn Ooms, Justin Smael The Finance Team has the task of ensuring the conference is organized financially. This includes finding sponsors for financial and material contributions; keeping track of and maintaining availability of funds; communicating with other teams regarding expenses and budgeting; and making and updating a financial overview. Our team is comprised of five members: three Sponsors Managers (Merel and Julien), the Head of Sponsors (Justin) and the Head of the Team (Annemijn). Read more...

Merel and Julien have the task of finding and approaching prospective sponsors for financial and material contributions to be used at the conference. As the Head of Sponsors, Justin supports and guides the Sponsors Managers in their work. The Head of the Finance Team, Annemijn, coordinates all the tasks within the team, and is responsible for planning and managing all financial matters for the entire conference. Finally, the Finance Team is in constant communication with the other teams in order to stay on top of all projections and expenses, and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

From left to right: Mai Nguyen, Jeroen Smeulders, Felicitas Lill, Freke Leene, Lotte Peters, Elena van den Hoogen

The Public Relations Team creates the general buzz around the event and recruits all delegates and chairs. The PR team is comprised of six members: Mai, Elena, Freke, Lotte, Jeroen and Felicitas (Head of the PR Team).


Our Website Manager Mai ensures the website is kept up-to-date so that our (aspiring) delegates from all over the world know exactly what to expect. Our Facebook and Instagram pages are managed and updated by Social Media Manager Elena who creates the opportunity for delegates to share their experiences with their friends and stay updated on the conference.

We also want to be visible outside of the digital world. This is where Marketing Managers Freke and Lotte come in: They design posters, create videos and establish partnerships. Our Press Manager Jeroen makes sure that the conference is well documented and every delegate is photographed. Felicitas, the Head of the PR Team, coordinates the team and is responsible for planning and managing all promotional activities surrounding the conference. The PR Team is closely connected to the progress of the conference and will update you when important things are happening, such as open application windows and approaching deadlines.

From left to right: Felipe Carvalho, Nilesh Lalbahadoersing, Boris Koehoorn, Anna Spiering (missing: Eef Kiggen)

The Logistics Team is responsible for several aspects of the conference that are best described by the different positions within the team.


Anna is the Venue and Tech Manager. She will be in charge of arranging the venue for the conference, and for having all the necessary equipment in the right place and functioning. This includes technology, computers, screens, and sound systems. Boris, Housing and Food Manager, will ensure that all delegates coming from outside of Amsterdam will have a place to stay during the two nights of the conference. He also arranges the food and drinks during the lunch and coffee breaks. Eef and Felipe, as our Social Program Managers, will make sure that everybody will enjoy their time outside of the official conference hours. This includes a ‘Crazy 24’, a “borrel”, and a gala. The Social Program is important for making sure everyone has time to relax and enjoy themselves on the off hours when they’re not establishing and maintaining world peace. This way, we will also ensure that our delegates become familiar not only with the city of Amsterdam, but also with their fellow MUN’ers. Lastly, the head of the logistics team, Nilesh, is there to coordinate all the tasks.