Meet the board

Board Pic

From left to right: Jasper, Nicola, Rosa, Mahi and Elena


Secretary General
   Rosa Heuveling van Beek

Hi everyone! I'm Rosa, Vietnamese, and your Secretary General for AUCMUN 2020. I'll be working hard and closely with the board to ensure the conference will be engaging (and have great socials!). If you are new to MUN, welcome! I hope our conference will open the doors to the world of debate and international relations for you. If you have been to AUCMUN before, welcome back! I look forward to welcoming everyone in April. See you soon!


Deputy Secretary General
   Mahi Shah

Hey everyone! I am Mahi, AUCMUN’s Deputy Secretary General. I will be heading the secretariat and working towards making this year's conference exciting and an experience everyone will remember. I am a first-year student at AUC where I am currently studying Physics. I have been engaged in MUNs ever since 2014 and have loved it ever since. It is a great opportunity to gain exposure to new ideas and concepts and I encourage you to give it a shot! Other than MUN, I also love dancing and reading fiction novels. I am super thrilled for AUCMUN 2020 and I hope you all are as well! I look forward to welcoming you all to Amsterdam in April!


Head of Public Relations
   Elena van den Hoogen

Hi there! I am Elena, this year’s Head of Public Relations at AUCMUN, and am super excited to be a part of the conference again! Last year I was already part of the PR-Team, which is why I am more than thrilled to be continuing my job of promoting this conference and spreading the word of AUCMUN2020! I am a second-year social science student with a focus on psychology, and always enjoy a good talk (and laugh!) with friends. I’m very excited to see AUCMUN grow even further this year with many great things to come. I look forward to seeing plenty of you next April!


Head of Finance
   Jasper Braakman

Hey everyone! I'm Jasper, Dutch, and the Head of Finance for AUCMUN 2020! I'll be managing everything from the budget, to keeping track of all expenses and supporting the Sponsors Managers in finding great sponsorship deals for the conference. I'm a second-year SSC Major who is drastically trying to switch to a science Major since I enjoy programming and environmental science.  Overall, I look forward to the coming year, and I'm really excited to be part of the organizing team for this year's edition of AUCMUN!


Head of Logistics
   Nicola Jean Wolff

Hi everyone! My name is Nicola Jean Wolff and this year I will be acting as 'Head of Logistics'. My tasks are to ensure that the conference runs smoothly, to communicate with a number of external partners, in addition to coordinating the tasks of the logistics team. I am a second-year SSC student, focusing on International Relations and Political Science. My interests have always aligned with MUNs and I am very excited to be part of the organizing team this year. I hope to see many of you at the conference in April!