International Court of Justice

Actors: Judges (15), Ad hoc Judges (2), Agents (4)

Topic A: India v Pakistan – The Jadhav Case

The case itself is based around the trial of Indian national Mr. Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav. He was, according to India, kidnapped from Iran and held for interrogation on basis of espionage, and later tried and sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court. According to Pakistan however, Mr. Jadhav tried to illegally enter Pakistani territory and was engaging in acts of espionage and terrorism on behalf of India. The application of India filed in May 2017 stated they believed Pakistan had violated the Vienna Convention by refusing Consular Relations, as well as breaches of Article 36. In addition to this, India requested the court that Mr. Jadhav would not be executed before a verdict was reached. Though delegates will discuss the arrest and sentence as the main part of the case, Pakistan and India have a longstanding history of conflict regarding borders, Kashmir, and nuclear developments. Therefore, these extreme tensions can unsurprisingly play a large role in each countries’ demands. Delegates should be able to understand the importance of the case, with its political implications regarding the relationship between India and Pakistan.