Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)

MAIN TOPIC: Scarcity of precious minerals/materials


-Taiwan monopoly on chips.



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Meet the chairs that lead the committee!

Hi, I’m Aleksander and I’m a first-year student of medicine and surgery at the University of Bologna, Italy. I have participated in numerous MUNs - and in even more social events - over the course of the last four years. I’m thrilled to announce I will be chairing the ECOSOC committee this year, where we will talk about the global scarcity of precious materials – a topic that will be at the intersection of economics, geopolitics, environment, and various other country-specific social issues.

Hi, my name is Mikołaj and I will be chairing ECOSOC this year. I am from Poland and I am currently studying Economics at the University of Amsterdam. I have been doing MUNs since the beginning of high school and I am the secretary of this year’s UNISCA MUN at the UvA (make sure you check it out ;). I am very excited to be chairing at this year’s AUCMUN