Crisis Committee – The Korean Peninsula


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Head of the United Front Department, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Culture, Minister of External Economic Relations, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Labor, Minister of Nuclear Power Industry, Minister of People’s Armed Forces, Minister of People’s Security, Minister of State Construction Control, President of the Supreme Court

South Korea
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Minister of Economics, Minister of Employment and Labor, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Minister of National Defense, Minister of the Interior and Safety, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, Minister of Unification

US Secretary of State, Chinese Foreign Minister

The crisis committee this year will focus on the unification of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and South Korea.  There will be two security cabinets, the State Affairs (DPRK) and the State Council (South Korea). Ministers of various affairs will discuss and debate the possibilities and issues related to the unification of the two countries, along with a representative from the USA (in the South Korean cabinet) and China (in the North Korean cabinet). The reunification has been a topic of consideration for both the countries since the late 20th century, however, there are many economic, cultural and security issues that may arise due to the reunification. The idea has been facing continuous opposition from the citizens of the countries. The committee will work on this idea while being continuously introduced to related crises. Delegates will work on directives to help solve them.



Hi! I’m Marilie, third year student of political science and economics from McGill University. I am especially interested in international political economy and democratic theory. MUN and Model Parliament have been a very important part of my time at university and AUCMUN will be the 5thconference I staff. I have always found crisis committees especially interesting due to their rhythm and unlimited possibilities and I hope you are as excited as I am for this one! Generally, I am a huge traveler and love to meet people from all around the world. As a Canadian, Europe has always been a dream destination, but I have also been to South-America for a little while a few years ago. I am looking forward to meet you all!