Restoration of cultural heritage sites damaged by armed conflicts / armed groups 


-how to rebuild/ renovate the destroyed sites 

-protection of historical sites in the future 

-setting up a commission responsible for protecting/ restoring historical sites 


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Meet the chairs that lead the committee!

Hi! My name is Armand and I am a 22 year old economics student from the Sorbonne in Paris. I was born in Madrid and did my first MUN there at 15 years old. I immediately fell in love with the diplomatic world and its international vibe. I even co-founded in 2021 the MUN association at the Sorbonne.


Hi, I am Emma, a third year Liberal Arts and Sciences student at Leiden University College, majoring in Governance, Economics and Development. I have debated all throughout high school and started my MUN journey in university and fell in love with it straight away. I look forward to chairing UNESCO this year!