MAIN TOPIC: The Implication of Sex Education in Schools 

Consequences, Implementation and lgbtq+ 


- Consequences of the implementation of CSE (comprehensive sex education) in schools. - Examining the tangible effects on general society of existing systems of CSE in member states. 

- Improving awareness of & access to CSE for members of the LGBT+ community. - Exploring the cultural obstacles of implementing CSE in more conservative nations. 

Ideas (targeting adolescents from the ages of 12 - 18): 

- Drafting a UN book of general guidelines for implementing CSE in schools. - Including LGBT+ sex education revolving around the themes of sexual orientation, gender identity and safe sex. 

- Opening an international line of dialogue around the societal & economic benefits of CSE. 

- Creating and fostering official websites and communities around the discussion and propagation of accurate sex education in areas where CSE might be rejected. 


- Do the benefits of sex education outway the costs of implementing it? - How to approach the implementation of sex education in culturally conservative countries? 

- Should contraceptives be promoted as a means to reduce or limit overpopulation in LEDCs? 

- What are the effects of CSE on national healthcare & social safety-net systems? - How should member states approach eliminating pre-existing misinformation surrounding sex education? 

Aditej Nair 

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Berber de Lange 

Hello, my name is Berber de Lange. I am a first-year student at Amsterdam University College. My major is in social sciences and my main interests are International Relations, Politics, Economics and Human Rights. I am from the Netherlands and have been living here all my life. I have always enjoyed participating in MUN’s and I am really looking forward to the AUCMUN.

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