Human Rights Council

Human rights committee overview 

The lawful punishment of criminals, in order to protect a society from potential further harm, is undoubtedly an integral part of any criminal justice system. That being said, punishment can be imposed in multiple ways, such as disfranchisement, fines, or diversion. However, one of the most widespread punishments is incarceration, i.e. imprisonment. 

Although imprisonment inherently denies the convict some rights as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a multitude of international treaties ensure the humane treatment of inmates. Inter alia, these treaties intend to secure the prisoners’ access to sanitation, appropriate nutrition, and clothing of no degrading or humiliating nature, but also the possibility to get justice. 

Detrimentally, these rights are often violated in many contexts, despite persistent efforts by the UN. Perhaps most obvious are the violations in prisons of authoritarian states or wartime prisons. However, violations in “regular” prisons, for instance due to overcrowding or bribery are often overlooked. This includes the application of “enhanced interrogation techniques” (i.e. torture; the euphemism was coined by the USA, when confronted with human rights violations by US American entities.) 

Task to the delegates in this committee is to develop strategies to strengthen the existing treaties and conventions regarding prisoner’s rights, and develop strategies to guarantee their enforcement.

Helena Pannetier

Hello everyone!! My name is Helena, I am a first year at Leiden University College and I will be one of the chairs for the Human rights council this year. This will be my first time chairing, however during my high school years in the south of France, I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple MUNs. That being said, I chose to sign up as a chair as I believe this will be an Inspiring experience both for you and for me. I am looking forward to the conference in April 🙂

Frederic Bomke

I‘m frederic Bomke, currently a bachelor student at hotel school the Hague. originally, I am from Germany where I acquired, next to a frankly bad sense of humor, my soft spot for the politics and sociology of global issues. now, I am honored to be functioning as chair at this years AUCMUN and I am excited to meet you all very soon!