AUCMUN is a student-run organization founded in 2016 in charge of organizing Amsterdam University College’s very own Model United Nations. With a focus on constantly evolving we provide a platform for university students from around the world to debate and discuss current global issues. Typically, AUCMUN hosts 250 delegates and 20 chairs representing more than 60 nationalities.

This year we are proud to announce that the 7th edition of AUCMUN will take place in person. From April 14th to April 16th, 2023 we will provide a conference tailored to those with and without experience. For more information on the committees of this year please refer to the committees overview page.

Our board as well as team members welcome you!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This year our three day conference will be held in the beautiful city of Amsterdam!

The historic city of Amsterdam provides the perfect backdrop for a global discussion. Not only is it an innovative environment for technology, finance, science, and more, with its “liberal image and reputation” it is the ideal place to host an MUN Conference inclusive to all.

From iconic canals, architectural houses, and museums at every corner,  the cultural heart of the Dutch capital harbors a unique history. The city has an international fit, and today is proud to hold over 180 different nationalities. Amsterdam is also one of the Netherlands’ prime student cities, with a young and engaged population two of the best universities are located within. With that in mind the bars, pubs, and clubs are endless.


Amsterdam University College

Amsterdam University College is a Liberal Arts and Sciences College with a strong international focus. It was created by the two well-established Amsterdam universities: the University of Amsterdam and the Vrije Universiteit. AUC meets the current global need for a generation that can solve interdisciplinary problems, and accommodates students from all backgrounds. AUC has around 900 students, half of whom are international, and forms a diverse community of honors students in Amsterdam. With the campus being located on Science Park the city center is only an 8 minute train ride or 20 minute bike ride away!

Model United Nations 

In Short, Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the real deal. MUN conferences typically consist of multiple committees that address topics which are also discussed at the United Nations. Participants (a.k.a. ‘delegates’) take on the roles of different countries and defend their viewpoint in the committee debates. Together, within the committee the goal is to formulate a resolution for a plan of action, as a result of negotiations and debate. MUN conferences help delegates develop public speaking, negotiating and debating skills.

There is also a less academic side to MUN conferences, as many conferences also organize social events including galas, borrels etcetera, so there are plenty of opportunities for you to bond and network with your fellow delegates.