Word of Welcome







Dear MUN Delegates,

We are delighted to announce that Amsterdam University College will be hosting its fifth Model United Nations conference in April 2020. This year, our conference will focus on the theme “Our Generation for Change”. The conference will not only center around the theme of sustainability, but also preventative actions that need to be taken now. Debates will cover a variety of topics, from the world water crisis, to HIV/AIDS treatments in prisons, to the colonization and militarization of outer space. AUCMUN has also registered to partake in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) competition for the best resolutions regarding climate change and displaced peoples, and countering toxic narratives about refugees and migrants. Whether you’re interested in human rights, medical practices, physics, or the general state of the world, there will be something for you at AUCMUN!

In the current political and social climate, it is becoming increasingly important for the youth to be aware and engaged. Although we did not start the fire, it is our responsibility to engage in discussions, resolutions, and take action on the world’s current developments. The issues that will be discussed may not affect us personally, but they do affect the limits and stability of human development. As we are becoming more interdependent and connected, it is important that we are not only aware of developments and problems within our own nations, but also that of the world.

At AUCMUN 2020, I hope that delegates will be inspired to solve and engage in global problems that will not only affect our generation, but also the future generations to come. This being said, the   AUCMUN team looks forward to welcoming all of you in Amsterdam, our conference, and of course, our brilliant debates and socials!

See you soon,

Rosa Heuveling van Beek

Secretary General, Amsterdam University College MUN 2020