COVID-19 Update

Dear Delegates,

I regret to inform you that due to the current measures that are being taken against the COVID-19 outbreak in the Netherlands, AUCMUN 2020 has been cancelled. We did not have previous cancelation plans, however we have recently been told to cancel the conference. This was a decision made by our university management, and by the AUCMUN board. Events with over 100 people in the Netherlands have been cancelled by the government, until the end of the month. Our university will also be closed until that time. There is no certainty that this will not be extended past the end of March. Furthermore, as the current outbreak continues to spread, it is important to be as precautionary as possible, which includes limiting travel.

On behalf of the board and team of AUCMUN 2020, I would like to thank you for interest in our conference. We apologize that the conference has been cancelled, however however we feel that this- unfortunate – decision is necessary.

We understand that you have questions about refunds. We are currently working with our student association to calculate how much of the delegate fee we can refund. As the conference has sunken costs, we are unfortunately unable to refund the full delegate fee. We will of course, try to refund as much of the fee as possible. There is a possibility we will be able to recover some of the sunken costs, however we will only know this for certain by April 4th. We will contact all delegates soon, with the next steps for the refund process.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. This is an unfortunate situation to be in, and we were very excited to host you in Amsterdam. We hope that you will be able to visit us next year, during better circumstances.

Kind regards,

Rosa Heuveling van Beek
Secretary General | AUCMUN 2020