Beginner level:
  • United Nations Human Rights Council – UNHRC

Topic A: Effectively addressing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen

Topic B: Responsibility in relation to overseas refugee camps

  • United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF

Topic A: Tackling child marriages as a cultural and social institution

Topic B: Providing mental health resources and reducing trauma aggravation for child refugees

  • Economic and Social Council – ECOSOC

Topic A: The consequences of China’s Belt and Road initiative for the global economy

Topic B: Reducing the ties between plastic and the food industry

  • United Nations Environmental Programme – UNEP

Topic A: Tackling climate change through the restriction of maritime cargo

Topic B: Using technological advances in crop development in reduce the environmental consequences of climate change

  • International Labour Organisation – ILO

Topic A: Creating a comprehensive policy plan for Target 8.7 of Agenda 2030

Topic B: The potential of technology in addressing labour force gaps

Intermediate level:
  • African Union – AU

Topic A: Countering the desertification and deforestation in the Sahel region

Topic B: Justice and the rehabilitation and reintegration of child soldiers

  • UNGA 6th – Legal Committee – UNGA LEGAL

Topic A: Corporate and state responsibility in chemical waste disposal

Topic B: Tackling the illegal and substandard medication in LEDC’s

  • Committee on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice – CCPCJ

Topic A: Investigating and addressing corruption and crime in FIFA in the 2022 World Cup

Topic B: Criminalizing the misuse and selling of prescription drugs

  • Council of Olympus: Crisis Committee – OLYMPUS: CRISIS

 Topic: Global warming as a result of tumult in Olympus

Advanced level:
  • International Court of Justice – ICJ 

Topic: Palestine v. USA: Relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem

  • United Nation Security Council – UNSC

Topic A: Reevaluating the role of the UNSC resolving the Kashmir Conflict

Topic B: Stabilizing the Horn of Africa through the inclusion of women in peacebuilding efforts

  • Historical UNSC: Crisis Committee – H.UNSC: CRISIS

Topic: Accession of the PRC to the ROC’s seat in the UN in the mid- to late 1960’s