Meet the board

From left to right: Aisha, Nilesh, Victoria, Felicitas, Annemijn

Secretary General: Victoria Mai

Dear MUN enthusiasts, my name is Victoria and I am the Secretary-General of AUCMUN for this academic year. To introduce myself, I am Luxembourgish / German, 19 years old and currently study Economics and Law. Having been heavily involved in the past AUCMUN and by continuously participating at MUNs, I knew that I had to continue my MUN path. This year, I will be leading the team of 23 sharp students who are eager to make this conference the best one yet. I look forward to meeting all you future leaders in Amsterdam to discuss the most pressing global issues in April.

Head of the Secretariat: Aisha Erenstein

Hello there! I'm Aisha, AUCMUN's Director General. I run the Secretariat, and I'll be working hard with my team to ensure that the theory is completely up to scratch, and that your conference experience is unforgettable. I'm a Dutch TCK, and a second year at AUC, where I follow an IR major, and Chemistry minor. I started MUN in 2014, when a friend dragged me to my first debate and was immediately hooked. AUCMUN 2019 will be the third conference I help organize, and I look forward to welcoming you all to Amsterdam in April! Onwards and upwards.

Head of Public Relations: Felicitas Lill

Hey everyone! I'm Felicitas from Germany and this year's Head of Public Relations. I 'm second year SSC Economics and Psychology major, which funnily enough didn't stop me from co - organising this political conference with my lovely board. Together with my PR team I will be responsible for promoting AUCMUN all over the world. I'm very excited for this year's AUCMUN 2019 and hope to see many of you there!

Head of Finance: Annemijn Ooms

Hey everyone! I'm Annemijn, Dutch, and the Head of Finance for AUCMUN 2019! I'll be managing everything from the budget to keeping track of all expenses and supporting the Sponsors Managers in finding great sponsorship deals for the conference. I'm a second year SSC Major in the Law & Economics tracks, and also very interested in international relations. AUCMUN 2018 was my first ever MUN conference and since then I’ve been taking part in more MUNs. Overall, I look forward to the coming year and I'm really excited to be part of the organizing team for this year's edition of AUCMUN!

Head of Logistics: Nilesh Lalbahadoersing

Welcome! My name is Nilesh Lalbahadoersing. I will be fulfilling the 'Head of Logistics' this year. My tasks will be to make sure everything runs smoothly during the conference. I will be in contact with several external partners, and lastly, I am the person that coordinates the tasks of the logistics team. I am a second-year student studying Physics and Economics. My MUN career started when I was 14, and I have been more than 10 conferences, as a delegate, but also as a chair. I am honoured to be part of the organizing team, and can not wait until April 5th.