What is AUCMUN

AUCMUN(Amsterdam University College) will take place in the wonderful and beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam University College. This year we will hold our second conference which will consist of 130 delegates plus additional chairs and staff from all across the world. The conference is open to all experience levels and ages, whether experienced or beginner. The official conference language is english and requires an adequate level of fluency to participate. We will offer four committee: Human rights council, Economic and Social Council, Special Political committee and the Special Historic Security Council. Furthermore a social program will also be offered in the evenings.

What is MUN?

Model United Nations (often referred to as simply 'MUN') is a debating style simulation of the United Nations. Most conferences are held in english, while sometimes the languages in different committees differs. During the conference delegates debate on current events in fields varying from politics, to environmental sustainability, to human rights and international relations. It teaches the delegates valuable life skills as well as encourage knowledge from all over the world to unite in one area and create solutions for current problems.
During the conference participants represent the opinion of a specific country on a specific topic in the simulation, which they are previously assigned to. This role play forbids the delegates to express their own personal opinion on the topic, but instead insists them to stay true to character.
The amount and variety of committees offered differs, depending on the conference and how they fit together with the overall theme. Popular committees are the Security Council, the General Assembly or any other original UN committees. Other bodies have been added to MUN conferences such as Asian Summits, Future Security Council, Special Conference and African Committees. This allows for wider areas to debating about and open ups new fields and topics to work on.

About Location

AUC stands for Amsterdam University College and is a three year bachelor programme, that is a cooperation of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. It is a Liberal Arts and Sciences programme, which means it is an interdisciplinary study. Every student chooses Sciences, Social Sciences or Humanities to be their major, but also takes courses in the two other majors. The aim is to prepare students for international careers as global citizens. This is encouraged by the diverse community of people from all over the world, and the small classes that support debate. There was a building especially designed for AUC in the east of the city. It is located at Science Park, an area with buildings of the University of Amsterdam’s science faculties. The AUC academic building is very spacious from the inside, with high ceilings and wide study areas. There are also many project rooms for small groups to work or study. In the design, a lot of attention was paid to sustainability. Daylight is optimally used, there is a layer of grass on the roof for isolation and there is a joint heat and cold storage system, all to reduce the use of energy.