The Heads


Dear everyone, my name is Ishvar Lalbahadoersing, I am 19 years old, born in the Netherlands, though I have Indian roots. Currently I am studying sciences at AUC; Physics and Mathematics are my intended tracks. I have participated in a couple of high school MUNs, and plenty of University MUNs. Currently, I am fulfilling the job as Secretary-General at AUCMUN. This means that I am in the end responsible for arranging everything, and making sure the conference runs smooth. I have had plenty of experience in debating, chairing and organizing; I have even been a MUN director. By the time of AUCMUN I will have surpassed the border of 20 MUNs. Though I have a life and likewise other hobbies such as playing the piano, going to the gym and playing football. I am really looking forward to presenting you this conference at my University, and hope to see you all in April at AUCMUN!

Head of Secretariat
Dear MUNers! My name is Ruth and I’m so excited to welcome you to Amsterdam for our small, cozy conference. I’m a spanish/dutch first-year university student with a throbbing passion for social justice and debate, which naturally implies that I love MUN. Throughout high school, I participated in many MUN conferences as delegate, chair, and even president of the General Assembly in a conference in Rabat, Morocco. This year, I will be the deputy Secretary General of AUCMUN, which means that I’m in charge of supervising the executive secretariat team! I look forward to meeting all our delegates, (newbies & pros), and to make this conference fruitful and inspiring.

Head of Finances
My name is Ana Chaloska and I am the Head of Finances Team of AUCMUN 2017. I’m a 2nd year AUC student majoring in Computer Science and Math. I believe that MUN offers a training beneficial for any profession, as the debating skills are of a valuable importance in every aspect of today’s world. Besides, it helps students connect with people with similar ambitions and most importantly, is a lot of fun! For AUCMUN together with my team, we’re trying to organize the finances so we would have an exceptional conference that all of the participants would enjoy and remember as an enjoyable and worthy experience.

Head of Logistics
Hello, my name is Klaudia and this year I serve as the head of logistics team. I am originally from Poland, but moved to the Netherlands for my bachelors degree over a year ago. Currently I pursue studies in international relations and law. As a foreigner and as a student I love living in Amsterdam. I enjoy walking the streets, biking along the canals, sitting down in old cafes, and taking pictures of the canal houses. Besides, Amsterdam is a hub for businesses, international non-governmental organizations, and... concerts. I am very happy that as a delegate you will have a chance to appreciate the beauty of this city, even if just for a weekend. You will get to experience life of an international student in a global city. I can’t wait to officially welcome you in Amsterdam.

Head of PR
Hi everyone! I’m Rachelle a second year international relations and law student, which, naturally, has resulted in my interest in MUNs. I’ll be responsible for the PR team and I am extremely excited to inform as many people as possible about our relatively new MUN at our diverse university in the Netherlands, Amsterdam University College. We welcome everyone from all over the world to participate in AUCMUN. In addition to the interesting debates we hope to achieve, there is also going to be an excellent social program, so you’ll get to know the Dutch culture and people. I’d like to encourage both new and experienced debaters to partake in this conference! I hope to see many of you there!