Delegate Info

The Delegate fee will be around 20 euros.

Preparation session

For the people who have no prior MUN experience and those that want to refresh their memory, there will be a preparation session shortly before the conference, where the Rules of Procedure, tips and tricks will be given. More information about this session coming soon.


This years theme is: Youth perspectives; Young adults matter -Letting the voice of young people emerge and contribute to conflict resolution. These days we are facing many global issues, as always. We try to solve conflicting ideas with the power of words instead of weapons. Even though this is not always the case, even though we are still so far off from reaching our ideal world, we are getting closer every day.

With the world ageing as a whole, experienced rulers letting go of their responsibilities, it is the time now for the youth to stand up. Never before in history has the need for the young adults be so big. Never before has the younger generation been part of such great potential. Never before need the world to trust in the youth. So let us prove ourselves, the younger generation, the high potentials that are consisting of you, me and everyone around us. We need to rise and let our voice be heard.

We have to accept, that youth can not solve all the problems on its own. Guided by experience and sophistication combined we shall help in solving vital global matters. There has been a call for a new vision on conflicts, another perspective and that is what the youth can offer. So let this be a call for every single one of you, we are part of this. I truly believe that we are prone to take a huge responsibility in solving international conflicts. But this should not scare us away, every bit towards the greater goal is a step. Let me end by saying that we are all accountable for making a better world. As Gandhi stated: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Social Programme

Download Detailed Social Programme

The social programme at the AUCMUN conference in April 2017 aims to give participants an insight into the vibrant city life Amsterdam has to offer.
Starting on Saturday, the participants for the conference are expected to arrive on Friday afternoon. To give the delegates who will have arrived by then the chance to explore central Amsterdam and get to the fellow participants, the AUCMUN conference will organize a city tour. After the city tour, there will be the option for a communal dinner in the centre of Amsterdam. After the official conference on Saturday, AUCMUN will organize an outdoor barbeque in a nearby park, only a foot walk away from the AUC buildings. If the weather is unsuitable, another dinner option will be organized and provided for all participants. Afterwards, the delegates are invited to join the AUCMUN team for drinks. Lastly, on Sunday after the conference there will be the option for an informal dinner for all delegates.