Delegate Applications

Welcome to 2017 AUCMUN in Amsterdam, the Netherlands! Continuing the tradition of Amsterdam University College MUN, this year we aim to expand our MUN platform and bring together delegates, chairs and voices of young adults from various backgrounds and countries. This is your chance to engage in a simulation of diplomatic negotiations, debate and conflict resolution, as well as to network and have an great time in Amsterdam. People of 34 different nationalities have signed up so far.

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Chair Applications

A vital part of every MUN conference are the heads of committee. These heads of committees are more experienced students from other universities who will lead the debate at the conference itself. They are an integral part of every MUN as they are the connection between the organizing staff and the delegates themselves. Next to leading and directing the debate at the conference itself, we require our heads of committee to write a study guide on each of the topics, prior to the conference. If you think this position sounds appealing, we urge you to apply for a head of committee position at AUCMUN 2017.

What we are looking for in our chairs is primarily MUN enthusiasm. We want to know that you are willing and dedicated to making AUCMUN as great as we aspire it to be. For that to happen we expect our chairs to have excellent command in English and a solid familiarity with the rules of procedure and common conduct at MUN conferences. If you feel like you fit the picture that is painted above, do not hesitate to apply. We look forward to reading your applications.
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The Chair Applications are now closed.