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Dear MUN enthusiasts,

It is our pleasure to announce that Amsterdam University College will be hosting its fourth Model United Nations conference in the heart of Europe, Amsterdam. AUCMUN is still young and growing,  with more engaged and involved students applying each year. As the Secretary General, I am pleased to announce that we will keep on expanding from last year where we welcomed 225 delegates from 62 diverse countries. This year, we open up the conference to 200 delegates by offering a total of 12 committees, out of which two are crisis. Debates will cover topics ranging from the humanitarian disaster in Yemen, to the consequences of China’s Belt and Road initiative, to the need to stabilize the Horn of Africa, to a scenario where the Greek Gods are responsible for modern climate change – there is something here for everyone.

Through this, we aim to ensure that participants develop a deep understanding of international affairs, partake in a multicultural network and discover the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Here, students turn into diplomats who focus on conflict resolution, surpassing power politics. By allowing students to take on such roles, we hope to empower our fellow students in viewing world politics critically, and to foster the thinking of innovative resolutions. Through this, participants will discover the value of tolerance and diplomatic discussions.

At AUCMUN 2019 we will build on the success of last year’s conference and take a further step towards solving global issues and establishing change and progress. With this in mind, I look forward to many fruitful debates, excellent socials and hope to see you in Amsterdam in April!

Yours truly,

Victoria Mai


Amsterdam University College Model United Nations 2019

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